Honour Bound

“Writing is a beast to tame, an energy to transform. Whip that toad into a prince and French kiss it to life. We start at the top but keep looking down, from macro to micro, from what could work to what does—but start with the dream. Nothing is real apart from the clouds, and all clouds pass with life in their wake—some rain thoughts.” ― Chila … Continue reading Honour Bound


Cousins Collaborate

“I think it is in collaboration, that the nature of art is revealed.” – Steve Lacy. This is Dean writing. My cousin Ray and I have an interest in art and creativity. We’ve decided to pool our skills for some collaborative work together.  The first project will focus on the beautiful beach town of Sandown, on the Isle of Wight.  Sandown is going through considerable change and … Continue reading Cousins Collaborate