”You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”  – Bob Marley.    […]
     I have been contacted by Parkinson’s Life magazine.  They have advised me that they have showcased my book […]
“Reinvention has been the key to my career success.  Once in a while, I change direction.  I adapt and grow.  […]
    I am reflecting over my current writing projects.  One of them is a project that is turning out […]
I have a friend who has PD. His body shakes so constantly. I feel he has it worse than me. […]
    Over summer, I have had a lot to think about.  Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease has triggered me […]
What was that? I asked myself I had asked when he had gone A life so big and mighty Astonishing things […]
Thief. Energy Stealer. Climate Control Redundant. Hinges Burning on Fire. The voice that whispers unheard.  Seemingly, a punch in the […]
     The idea of it, filled me with excitement.  “Yes, I’m serious, mate” he added.  “I can Supervise trainees […]
     I fully expected that I would have to take off my boots.  As we did so, taking the […]