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    ”You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”  – Bob Marley.        Oh boy! Yesterday, I took a walk around a small lake. I stopped for little breaks and my pace was gentle. Yet, by the time we […]

Preventing the Unnecessary

“Disability is articulated as a struggle, an unnecessary burden that one must overcome to the soundtrack of a string crescendo.  But disabled lives are multi-faceted – brimming with personality, pride, ambition, love, empathy and wit.” – Sinead Burke.        Today my, largely, hidden disability became more […]

Coping with Uncertainty

“Everything can change in a heartbeat; it can slip away in an instant. Everything you trust, and treasure, whatever brings you comfort, comes at a terrible cost. Health is temporary; money disappears. Safety is nothing big an illusion.  So when the moment comes, and everything you depend upon […]

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