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Pebble Painting in Ipswich

      Today’s Bongo adventure took me to the suburbs of Ipswich; the county town of Suffolk.  Ipswich centre is about 50 minutes drive from my cottage but, to get to visit my friend Jo, the suburbs of Ipswich are about 30 minutes drive and that is […]

Construct Obstruct

Nothing.  Nascent note-maker’s nemesis. Scant.  Seeking stark symbolism somewhere. Without.  Where words wander while we wonder. Devoid.  Daydream’s dance distances details. Block. Blinding badlands build bold barriers. Absent.  Available art avoiding. Fix.  Finding features for focused forethought. Method.  Mindfully meet missing meaning. Outcome.  Overcome obtuse obstructions. Create.  Commission considered […]

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