DeanoCreative Club

“Hi and welcome to my new section ‘DeanoCreative Club’, for those who pay a membership fee that is less than the cost of one typical magazine purchase per year! 

 Here, you will be access ‘club members only’ content.  This will include special features, galleries, special podcasts, videos and much more.  

I have created this section in order to help fund the work I do on this site.  I am  retired on health grounds and so  creating a club members section helps me cover the costs of the web site and expenses for running this blog which, when you take into account materials and travel, adds up.    Whatever is left over, well, that provides me with coffee while I’m sitting up in the small hours, writing at my desk.  I thank you for your support and I hope that you love the features that will be  regularly added to.”

Deano Parsons.