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  1. Dean, came across you Blog about your Parkinson’s review and thanks for your comments. Planning for retirement after 40 years started a year ago but until mid-June the plan involved retaining my services for Aldeburgh and some other local venues.

    Six weeks before R-day I learned that the Trust had now replanned Parkinson’s care without me and the plans to my surprise included closing 3 of my 5 community clinics and inviting people to go to Ipswich instead.

    I was not involved in that decision and therefore not able to talk to people about it.

    Much against my instincts as a doctor committed to the NHS I am having to explore providing Private Consultation for people not happy with the NHS alternative. I hope you get on with Dr Alsawaf.

    • Hello there. What a nice surprise to receive your message. I hope things are well, with you. I admit that losing you from my care team filled me with both sadness and apprehension. I cannot thank you enough for how supported you made me feel, how well informed the educational aspect of my appointments with you left me and how much I had developed a self-confidence in being a person with Parkinson’s, due to your kindness, professional integrity and support. Thank you so very much.

      I was disappointed that there was no mention of your retirement or of why a new neurologist was being allocated to me, in my NHS appointment letter from the new neurologist and I was annoyed that no mention was made about moving my care from Aldeburgh to Ipswich. Just that the neurology team were advising that my next appointment would be Ipswich Hospital. It was disappointing that no discussion was made about the impact of this on me or why it was happening. But I just got on with it.

      As I write this blog for many people in the Parkinson’s community, this article was an update of my experience; which I update continuously.

      Tim, I wrote and published a book this year, entitled ‘A Look Inside. My Life with Parkinson’s, in Poetry.’

      I would dearly love to provide you with a copy; for inside the book, I have described just how much I valued your superb treatment and your kindness in your care for me.

      I cannot thank you enough and I will miss your professionalism and your friendly approach. You made a very tough experience into something I could understand and into something that I developed a sense of optimism about.

      Please feel free to privately email me your business address and I will post you a copy.

      Thank you so very much. I hope we will meet again and I wish you well in what you do next.

      I also hope that the NHS learns to improve communication when they set an appointment at a different venue and with a new neurologist. An introductory letter of explanation would have been welcomed. This has no bearing on you.

      With kindest regards

      Dean Parsons

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