“Hi and welcome to my Charity Fund Raising page. 

In January, 2020, I lost my beautiful mum to pneumonia.

I am raising money for the wonderful hospital ward that cared for her over the shocking few days of her unexpected death. Please help by donating via the following link:


I am also raising money for Parkinson’s UK.  My target is to raise a whopping £10,000 for this amazing charity.  This money will go towards training volunteers, creating awareness and, of course, towards seeking a cure for this debilitating and life changing disease.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2017 and, although a cure may be unlikely in my lifetime, every penny raised will go toward the amazing work of Parkinson’s UK.  In time, we may fund the research that delivers a cure and future generations may be spared the distress of this life changing disease.

Thank you for your donations, even if it’s just a few pennies.  It all helps this great cause.” – Dean G. Parsons.

To find out more, and to donate, please visit the Just Giving page at:



I am fund-raising for Suffolk’s amazing charity ‘Rural Coffee Caravan’.  This small charity depends on donations and it offers a vital lifeline to those who are socially isolated, lonely and alone.  Travelling to Suffolk’s most isolated rural communities, the Coffee Caravan helps bring communities together and encourages those who may be isolated to come out and meet people and form meaningful connections.

Too many people are slipping through society’s net.  This must stop and this charity needs your kind help.  Every penny makes a difference.  Please help me to reach the £1,000 target, to help keep these vehicles on the road and people meeting up.  To learn more, see: http://www.ruralcoffeecaravan.org.uk

To donate, simply go to:




“Between 2015 – 2017, I raised funds for Fibromyalgia Action UK.  My target of £500.00 was achieved.  Your donations went straight to FMA UK, through my Just Giving page.  Though the target has been achieved, the page remains open and you can still donate.  Every penny raised will help make a difference.  Thank you for your support.” – Dean G. Parsons.

See: http://www.justgiving.com/Dean-Parsons-Fibromyalgia-Action-Fund-Raiser?utm_id=124