Snorting in the Sink

“In the Sixties people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, people take Prozac to make it normal.” – Damon Albarn.       “What the fuck are you doing?”, I recall demanding of him.  (Name) was facing away from me; bent over the bathroom sink and snorting a ton of cocaine.  … Continue reading Snorting in the Sink


Being a Case Study

I arrived with a good twenty minutes to spare.  It had started to rain, as I drove into the tiny double-level car park.  I found a little bit of chaos going on.  The car park was full, with no sign warning drivers that there were no available spaces.  Cars were still driving in.  Some drivers … Continue reading Being a Case Study

Witnessing Movie History

     My childhood was a very creative environment and experience.  On one occasion, I was allowed to sit in the Director’s chair!  This chair was made of light wood and was foldable.  It had black material for the seat and the back rest was of the same black material but with one difference; in … Continue reading Witnessing Movie History

The First Day

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I feel clear for the first time in years.  It’s been 15-20 years of going to my numerous Doctors over that time and being sent from hospital to hospital, specialist to specialist and subjected to an endless and repetitive stream of blood tests, physical examinations, … Continue reading The First Day

Stunts and Submarines

     I was so lucky to have been brought up in such a creative environment.  On one occasion, I remember feeling excited.  What little boy doesn’t like going to the office with his Dad and getting the chance to see where his Dad works?  Well, I was no different.  It was all very exciting … Continue reading Stunts and Submarines

Chairs and Cheesecake

“Old empty chairs are not empty in reality; memories always sit there!” ― Mehmet Murat Ildan.         Today, I am thinking about the lack of provision of seating for people with disabilities, or even just frailties, in many of our communal areas such as shops, high streets, parks and other day to day venues … Continue reading Chairs and Cheesecake