Category: Creative Living

Life’s Leafy Pathway

A pathway of autumnal glow When Nature bows her head for rest. While trees prepare for season’s flow Like rust upon what summer blessed. The morning dew drops hang like gems As chill winds cause crisp leaves to fall. Such a welcome the pathway lends To all the […]

The Ballerina in the Suitcase

A brown suitcase entrusted unto me In black and white she dances and smiles An archive of much treasured history Her story captivates and beguiles. The ballerina and her family Their scrap book tales of travelling miles Photos and letters saved so carefully Depict triumphs, joys, their plight […]

Inside Outside / Outside Inside

    I created this artwork to symbolise a number of things.  First, I painted a simple landscape; representing ‘outside’.  I cut it into strips; representing the emotional pain of what I have since come to learn is Parkinson’s Disease.     I placed the landscape ‘inside’ the […]

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