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How to Plan to Write Right?

    I have come to sit at my desk, to write, and I find myself facing what so many writers have described on their own social media and blog sites; an overwhelming sense of wanting to do everything all at once!  I have so many projects in […]

Construct Obstruct

Nothing.  Nascent note-maker’s nemesis. Scant.  Seeking stark symbolism somewhere. Without.  Where words wander while we wonder. Devoid.  Daydream’s dance distances details. Block. Blinding badlands build bold barriers. Absent.  Available art avoiding. Fix.  Finding features for focused forethought. Method.  Mindfully meet missing meaning. Outcome.  Overcome obtuse obstructions. Create.  Commission considered […]

Winter’s Magical Eve

Villages lit by twinkling lights The chill wind shocks with frosty bites Window displays of gifts and trees While garden ponds begin to freeze. Festive garlands and mistletoe The moonlight shines upon the snow People gather around log fires Icicles hang from cold church spires. Christmas Eve comes […]

Autumn’s Pleasant Presence

The winding pathway reveals the passage of time with aplomb Portraying nature’s cycles on its paved and pitted surface Each season’s portrait depicted in perfect detail None so priceless as the pathway in pure gold leaf. Autumn rainfall pours into potholes of impure puddles The plip, the plop, […]

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