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“Welcome to my ‘Book Shop’ page.  This page will display my paperback books and ebooks and, if you ‘click’ on them, you will be taken to Amazon where you can make your purchase.

I hope you enjoy my books and ebooks.  Thank you for your interest and support.  do come back soon, for there will be new material added on a regular basis.” – Deano Parsons.


Paperback Books. 

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Approximately £11.50 – £11.99 at Amazon.

Born in London, Dean G. Parsons…uses narrative and richly descriptive poetry to tell a story of his relationship with Parkinson’s going back to his childhood and even further back in his family history. If you have Parkinson’s and you want to have a useful way of describing your illness to others, Dean’s book would do it for you. This frank and often gritty account of life as a person with Parkinson’s gives insight into a challenging life experience but, importantly, sends a message of hopefulness and optimism, too. Simply gift it to someone special or keep it handy on the shelf or coffee table and encourage your visitors and guests to read Dean’s experiences.

Short Story E-books.

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Frank had lived an ordinary village life. Now divorced, he loved seeing his two children at the weekends. With a romantic connection developing, life was getting better for Frank. That all changed one beautiful summer day, while at work in the library of the peaceful village of Brackfield.  After hearing a powerful sound from above, came an unexpected terror that would challenge Frank’s very survival.  This is a short story, of the sci-fi genre, by Dean G. Parsons.

On the twentieth anniversary of the tragic death of rising tennis star, Francesca Laing, two old friends meet in an explosive exchange of accusation and recrimination. Was Franny’s death truly an accident or was her devastating death caused by something more sinister?  This is a short story, of the mystery genre, by Dean G. Parsons.


Twelve year old best friends, Emma and Preeti, are on holiday with Emma’s mum in a pretty cottage in a countryside village. Life in this quiet and pretty village is so different from hectic London and the two girls are soon enjoying summer days and ice cream away from city life.  During a day when they help local villagers with the annual insect count, the two friends make a surprise discovery that sees them thrown into a life changing adventure involving a mysterious young girl and a golden bracelet.  With themes of history and of diversity, adult readers will find that this book also fits in with debate about diversity being under-represented in children’s books.  This is a short story, of the sci-fi genre, for children of age approximately 10 – 14 years, written by Dean G. Parsons.  This book will form Part 1 of what will go on to be a series of e-books following these characters on their adventures.

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