A Message From Deano Parsons

“Hello and welcome.

My name is Deano and I am a writer, artist, psychotherapist and broadcaster.

My ethos:  Living a life of creativity and well-being, with Parkinson’s.

If you do not have Parkinson’s, the material here will still offer you a great deal around well-being and creativity, whatever your circumstance or background.

Rebranding and Other Changes.

In mid April, 2020, I rebranded.  Previously, I had entitled this site ‘Wordsmith’s Notebook.’  I have rebranded this site as ‘DeanoCreative.’  The new brand identity has been created to better cover the broader creative work that I do; both as a writer and artist.  I have also changed the look and format of the site.  I do hope you like it and that you will share a link to this site, with your contacts.  Some of the menu subjects are new and so new material will be added soon.

In January 2020, my dear mother very sadly passed away.  In July 2020, I changed my first name by Deed Poll from Dean to Deano.  Deano is the name that my parents had chosen for me at birth but an over zealous Registrar of Births talked them into anglicising my name to Dean.  To mark the event of the passing of my mother, this year, I decided to reclaim the name my parents wanted me to have and so I am, from July 2020, known as Deano Parsons.  Most people who know me closely and of old call me Deano and many simply do as a nickname, so it makes little difference to most people.  I do not mind if some wish to still call me Dean.  Deano is my name, though and it is now my name ‘on paper’, too.  i am now in the process of notifying all parties I correspond with of this change.

Please join In.

I am happiest when my readers engage in discussion; so do please feel free to leave your comments at the end of each article that interests you and share something of your own story, perspective or opinion if you would like to.  I will always reply to you.

A Vibrant Experience.

My works are presented through a variety of media.  You will find written articles, videos and podcasts.  Unless otherwise stated, the material is all written by me and protected by copyright.

Come and Say Hello at My Social Media Sites.

Do look out for my social media icons, which will link you to some of my other social media pages.  You will find me at Twitter and Instagram.  Come and connect with me there and say hello.  You will also find that I have an ‘Amazon Author Page’ at Amazon; where you will find my publications for sale, worldwide.  The list of publications will grow each year, so do check in every few months to see what is newly published.  I produce my own vlogs at my You Tube channel and a selection of these are also posted here at this magazine.

Reaching Out.

Thank you for your support and interest and, if you enjoy anything that I present, please share links to my sites and pages with your friends; to help me reach a wider audience.

With best wishes

Deano Parsons.
Editor and Writer of ‘DeanoCreative.’



Please note that the entire content of this site is protected by copyright law.  (C). 

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