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A Hygge Lifestyle

One of the biggest influencers in how I style my home is the Danish culture of Hygge. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, Hygge is about making things cosy, safe, snug, simple, socialble and comforting, among other things.

This is not about buying in more and more material objects, but it is about having the right things that work for you, that make life simple, comfortable and enjoyable. Of course, it is very much about being safe, snug and cosy.

The warmth that comes, as a feeling of physical comfort but also as an emotional contentment is achieved by things being pleasing to the eye, by gaining a sense of security and by the comfort of being in the company of those we love. In fact, Hygge gives joy to each of our five senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell; when implemented well.

As a psychotherapist, albeit retired, my former career would have me see the direct link to how that delightful sense of infancy; being in secure arms, cosy, comforted, loved and snug (all primal needs within us) are absolutely provided for by the Hygge approach to life.

Here’s a little video I made, showing some of the Hygge influence in my home (as modelled by our dogs Oscar and Digby!).

Check out Hygge online and do return here, for I will be posting more about the Hygge influence in my home.

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