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“A picture is a poem without words.” – Horace.

A few days ago, I was at a wonderful local antiques and collectables store in the village of Marlesford, here in east Suffolk.  This is a store which has plenty of space, over two floors, for largely antique furniture and other items, with some newer items and bric-a-brac thrown in for good measure.  One of the nicer aspects of this venue is that there are often people working on refurbishing furniture, present among the items they are selling and so you can see how some items are restored.

The downstairs area largely caters for kitchen, sitting room and bedroom furniture items and then, upstairs, at the top of a pretty steep wooden staircase, is a collection of small room divides which each have their own style and speciality.  This is the floor in which, in the days before the Covid-19 virus, it would be great fun to rummage through the many items and take time to explore, to touch and to feel the various objects and to learn about them.  Still fun, the experience is now toned down by the need to not handle things; unless you are pretty sure you will make a purchase and simply to minimise the risk of contracting or passing on the virus.

Here are some photos of the venue.

I made a great discovery, while in the upper floor level of the building.  I happened upon a wonderful collapsable art easel.  This one collapses down to the size of a large bag and it was a little over £15.  This seemed a great bargain.  Not only does the easel collapse down with ease, but the height is fully adjustable, the angle of the canvas can be adjusted by many degrees and the whole thing would be so easy to pack into my campervan.  This means that I would now be able to go out and set up an easel in a location or setting of my choice and there is even a fitting to hold the canvas in place, to prevent it blowing away in the wind.

Here are some photos of my new art easle.

I can now sell a more basic easel that I have.  This is great news.  Do you have an easel?  What is yours like?  Are you a campervan owner who has travelled with your own art easel and worked at stunning and interesting locations from your campervan?  Do feel free to share your own story, below.

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