Bean Harvest
Bean Harvest

“Always do your best.  What you plant now,  you will harvest later.” –   Og Mandino

        September is a wonderful month   where my beans are concerned!   I have six bean plants in my little veg patch and it is in September that the yield is realised.  Pretty much every day, I can go to the bean plants and remove  enough beans  to accompany a meal.   Next year, I will keep a note of the bean variety that I plant.  I will then be able to give you better feedback as to the value of growing a particular variety.  For this year, all that I can say is that my bean plants grew very well, and that they have supplied us with a considerable weekly harvest.

Something I would do differently, next time I grow beans, is to pick them just a little earlier.  I tend to leave them to grow until the day I want to use them; ensuring ultimate freshness.  The problem is that this will mean that many beans will grow to a large size and this means that  the outer skin becomes tough.    These beans grow to about eight or nine inches, so in future I will aim to pick them at around five or six inches and then either refridgerate or freeze them until they are needed.

To freeze beans, simply pick them, blanch them in water and then bag them upm for storage in the freezer.    Don’t forget to write the date of freezing onto your storage bag.  I will make a separate post on how to blanch your veg, but it really takes only a few minutes.    Here is the crop of beans I picked yesterday evening, along with a sprig of mint from a plant pot on our patio and one tomato!

          As you will see from the photo, I took the opportunity to pick a few of the flowers from the garden, to add to a vase .  These are flowers that are just coming to the end of the best of their bloom but which will still offer a day or two of colour and cheer to my kitchen windowsill.    It can be easy to overlook  the  chance to bring some flowers indoors, but I have to recommend that cut flowers, fresh from your garden, will  brighten any corner of any room.

How are you getting on with your veg patch?  Have you been able to harvest much from your vegetable growing?  Are you growing beans?  How have you fared and would you recommend any particular variety?

(c) Deano Parsons.  2020.

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