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      July saw the advent of my mum’s 75th birthday.  This had been intended to be a month of celebration and of a party to mark the occasion.  Sadly, as regular readers will already know, my mother passed away in January this year.

      I had dreaded the idea of just being at home for her birthday; thinking about how Kevin and I would have gone to fetch her from her bungalow in Aldeburgh and how we would have made a big fuss of her.  Thinking of how she would have made a fuss of our dogs and their excitement at seeing her.  Thinking about the gathering of friends and family who would have enjoyed coming to celebrate this special day.  No, that would have been too sad and so a distraction was needed, as well as a way to mark the occasion.

     I thought about various options and it seemed most fitting to go out somewhere lovely for a good chunk of the day.  Kevin and I invited our friends, Tina and John.  Tina was able to join us and this was incredibly poignant, for Tina had sat with me and my mum in the hospital, those last days and hours of her life.  Tina also had known my mum since childhood and particularly into teenage years; for we grew up together in west London.

     I decided to capture some of the day by video.  Please select the link below to follow our Bongo adventure to the riverside haven of Bawdsey, here in Suffolk.

The image used as the ‘featured image’ in the post title, is of my late mother enjoying a huge birthday party for her 69th Birthday.

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