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Pebble Painting in Ipswich

      Today’s Bongo adventure took me to the suburbs of Ipswich; the county town of Suffolk.  Ipswich centre is about 50 minutes drive from my cottage but, to get to visit my friend Jo, the suburbs of Ipswich are about 30 minutes drive and that is manageable for me and my Parkinson’s symptoms.  It was a very hot day and so I was relieved not to be sat in traffic at any point in the journey.

      As I was driving, something caught my eye just outside the car window.  In fact, it was on both sides of the Bongo.  You know how to tell when your vehicle needs to be washed?  When there are spider webs hanging out from the sideview mirrors!  Yes, it is bad but I must admit that the Bongo has not been washed since prior to the lockdown for Covid-19!  Looking rather more prepared for an appearance in tv show The Munsters, I arrived at Jo’s bungalow.

      Jo and I had a good catch up; sitting in her beautiful back garden and exploring the new planting Jo had achieved and taking photos of the incredible pond she has established there.  It really was a work of art.  There were dragonflies, butterflies, tiny baby newts and evidence of frogs.  Jo really has created an oasis in her garden and you would never know that she is just a street or two away from a main road and busy thoroughfare.

      Being one for encouraging people to get creative, I took along something for us both to have a go at, while enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  I’d been given a gift of pebbles and acrylic paint, along with a book to inspire designs and so I set Jo and I the task of painting a pebble for each other while we chatted.  Okay, not your thing?  Give it a try sometime.  It matters not how the end result looks, it is all about enjoying the process and stimulating your senses.

     We both chuckled as neither of us thought our own end product was very good but actually, we now have a little keep sake each that will remind us of a very lovely afternoon chatting and chuckling and enjoying plants, ponds and nature amid these strange times of the Covid-19 virus lockdown.

(c) Deano Parsons. 2020.



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