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I Have A Dream

     One of the joys of learning to play any musical instrument, is that you get to learn to play the music that you love.  Well, I suspect that many people will share my love and admiration for the Swedish pop group Abba.  With the most beautiful vocal harmonies, iconic music and meaningful lyrics, the 1970’s and 1980’s would simply not have been as magical without this supergroup.

      Once in a while a group comes along that truly influences development in the field of music, from that point.  Abba was one such group.  I am pleased that they happened during my childhood and adolescence.  I got to play witness to their outstanding musical journey.

      I will write about Abba, but this article is actually to recommend a book for any budding pianist, like myself.  It is the music from their blockbuster album ‘Abba Gold’.  The book is, itself, beautifully designed and it contains the sheet music from around twenty of their most favoured and iconic songs.

     I spend anything from 30 – 90 minutes per day, practising my piano playing skills.  At this stage, they are rudimentary.  That said, far be it from me to miss the opportunity to dabble with playing something as advanced as the piano music for such historic works.

      Apart from the overall delightful presentation of the book, I would add that the pages of song sheets are clearly presented, well structured and the collection is a work of art, already, just for being what it is.  My one recommendation would be that a spiral bound copy be made, for any book not bound by spiral can be incredibly difficult to hold open, while playing.

  •      I would reiterate that the book is not designed for those who, like me, are relative newbies to music playing.  It is more advanced, though I have been able to play it.

Here is Abba, with one of their most loved songs, ‘I Have a Dream.’

‘I have a dream.’ – to be able to play the music from this book and to do so, well.  If you go ahead and buy the book, do come back and let me know what you think.  If you are an Abba fan, do comment below about your favourite Abba song and memory.

(c) Dean G. Parsons.      2020.

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