Sat on the sofa.
Watching the tv.
Calmly relaxing.
Quite contentedly.

Nothing on my mind.
Feeling trouble free.
Started to chill out.
The best way to be.

Tremor in my hand.
It was plain to see.
My thumb and finger,
Like rolling a pea.

A twitch in my hand.
Then repeatedly,
Up into my arm,

What the heck is this?
It seemed odd to me.
My first feeling was,

It happened at night.
While comfortably,
I would be at rest.
No activity.

My face was a mask.
Quite potentially,
Other symptoms, too,
Might come to plague me.

So this was the year,
Life revealed its fee.
Waiting patiently.
What would my fate be?

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

From my book ‘A Look Inside. My Parkinson’s Life in Poetry.’ – available at Amazon, worldwide.

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