The Final Frontier
The Final Frontier

“My studio has a personality of its own. It can be a monstrous clutter from one end to the other or, at times, the very model of simplicity.”Harley Brown.

     No doubt, at this time of lock-down due to Coronavirus, many people are finding that the things they have planned this year, are now either considerably behind schedule or are stalled.  Until we can go about life freely, many tasks and projects have become either far more difficult or simply just not possible.

     Regular readers will be aware that I had, last year, started work on developing one of our garages into a studio.  This is how far I had got:

Aside from Covid-19; the virus that has disrupted life so broadly, I also had the cold of winter and the shock of the death of my lovely mother to contend with.  The loss of my mum completely ‘knocked me for six’ and, while that was back in January, I am still trying to recover from this unexpected and deeply saddening loss. The consequence of winter, the death of my mum and the impact of the lockdown caused by the virus has meant that I made little or no progress on the studio.  That’s without mentioning the difficulty that Parkinson’s Disease throws into the mix.

     Yes, I can hear you….this is starting to sound like a country and western song but, thankfully, nobody shot my dog and ran off with my husband!  The good news is that, today, with the sun shining and the warmth of what seems a late springtime upon us, I resumed work on the studio.  This was about trying to make space, get storage and shelving in the best situation within the studio and generally just get organised and tidied.  Most of this has been through using old furniture that, fortunately, I held onto rather than throwing out over recent years.

     I have a friend who is an artist; Tina Hannay, and I have offered to share some of this space with her, for Tina has a lot of art equipment and limited space for all of the activities she wants to undertake.  Today, I managed to make progress on developing the studio.  It still needs a good clean but, with the help of my husband, Kevin, most of the infrastructure is now in place and ready for me to fill with useful accoutrements.

     Do you have a studio space?  Are you thinking of creating a space for art and crafts or another type of creative hobby?  Please do feel free to share your own experience in the comments, below.  It would be nice to learn how other people are approaching the creation of their similar space.

     Here are some photos of progress made up to now:

It will no doubt seem somewhat ramshackle and unprofessional but, like I say, I am simply making use of old furniture for the infrastructure of the space, for now.  I’m looking forward to getting on with creative projects in this space and I will provide ongoing updates about how I progress, over coming weeks and months.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2020.

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