Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror

“I’m reflective only in the sense that I learn to move forward. I reflect with a purpose.”Kobe Bryant.

     Having the time to think, rather than trying to create time to think, has been a benefit, and sometimes a curse, gifted to us by this lock-down experience.  Coronavirus has brought much of normal life to a standstill and so it is natural that we begin a process of evaluation.  In the short-term, this will bring in a flurry of reflective thinking processes and that, for some, can feel overwhelming.  It is not to be feared.  It is healthy.

     What we must do, I believe, is face the reflective thoughts and allow the evaluations to take place.  That said, it is possibly innate within us to fear change; certainly if a process of change begins without us seeking it, but when it has been triggered by circumstances beyond our control.

     For me, one of the areas of life that I have been reflecting upon is my creative life.  From writing, through to the art that I dabble with and then also through to considering whether I approach life itself with as much creativity as I would like.  Take this blog, for example.  I only yesterday decided that it should either be closed down and a new one started or that it should be closed temporarily and changed massively.  Oh, the angst of a creative mind! lol

     I did close the site down for over 24 hours.  That was quite something, for me!  The beauty of doing that was that it gave me the experience of letting go of the blog and that enabled me to evaluate whether I wish to continue with it as it is, at all or whether to change it in some way.  That was a lengthy day of evaluation; thinking in depth about what the purpose of this blog is and why it matters to me.

     Today, and following a very long sleep (clearly a lot of reflective thinking is tiring!) I knew what was to be done and so I have started that process.  There will be, and indeed I have already started to implement, change instead of shut down.  I will be trying new things on this blog site and I have also given the site a bit of a make-over.  I hope that you like it.

     Reflection and evaluation are healthy and important processes.  I suspect that this is a unique time in modern life, in which much of the world will be evaluating and reflecting on aspects of their lives.  Embrace this process.  Do not fear it and, if it should overwhelm you, give yourself kindness of thought and the space to explore.  There is no rush and it is okay to backtrack, to change your mind, to change direction, to begin something, to end something or to simply scratch your head and decide that you need more time to work things out.

     Change can unsettle those closest to you.  Be sure to let them know what you are thinking about and reviewing and maybe invite them to be part of the process.  Indeed, at this unique time in which we are locked-down into our homes, this could be a great opportunity for individuals, couples and families to consider how they live and how the meaningful experience of  life may be improved.

     Some of the other changes that I have made:

  • I have thanked Shaky Radio for the opportunity of having broadcast my own radio show with them and I have now resigned from that role, while I develop other creative ideas and projects.
  • I have reduced my social media presence in order to focus on the social media sites that I have most interest in developing.

     How is your own process of reflection and evaluation going?  Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, in the comments below.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2020.


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