Living With Parkinson's

Who is in the Line Up?

 “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”Helen Keller.

     I have made an artpiece to represent the ‘Admin Team’ of Parkinson’s Road support group in the United Kingdom, myself included, who are a team of volunteers who freely give our time to support others with Parkinson’s and their loved ones and caregivers.  This is done through our Facebook based support groups which have become a wonderful supportive community.

    It is not intended as a literal portrayal of us.  It is more a caricature and, due to my own hand tremor, the work is a little shaky.  This did bug me at first but a dear friend and artist, Tina Hannay, reminded me that the shakiness is part of me and that this is my own unique art.  It is true to being me, for it to be there and to be seen in my art; so don’t seek to cover it.  Wise words.

EPSON MFP image     I am pleased with the humour of this piece.  As a group of people who are both a team but who have become good friends, our humour is a vital aspect in enabling us to continue to thrive in our work but it also is just a big part of the character of who we are individually and as a whole.

     We have team members in Canada, the USA and in Australia and I may well create an artpiece with them, and possibly all of us, in.

     This piece was drawn in pencil, then covered by outline with a fine nibbed pen and then coloured in with a black felt-tip.  My lesson here is that the felt-tip leaves very evident marks and so you can see the colouring in.  I would instead prefer, next time, to colour with paint.

     Still, another useful lesson in art and materials, simply by having a go.  I have also ordered a batch of these to be printed as postcards, with details of our Facebook groups on the reverse.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

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