The Art Shack 3

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”Osho. 

     Today was the third meeting of The Art Shack; the small group of friends who gather for some creative fun, a communal lunch and the chance to catch up and have a chuckle.  This gathering took place at the home studio of our friends, Helen and Kim.  As ever, with varying life commitments among us, not everyone can make every gathering but those who attended had great fun and we were joined by live video connection to a dear friend, and group member, Margaret who lives in Canada.

     Activities are not led by any one leader.  We all bring some things we are already working on plus we may bring something new to try and something we may want to share with each other as a new art/craft experience.  Today was quite a mix.  We had sketching, drawing and portraiture.  We had origami box making and crane making.  We had needlework and knitting and we had a rather too big buffet of our many contributions of food for the day.  Here’s Helen getting the buffet ready:


     Our friend, Sharon, drove up from Essex and was on hand to teach non-knitters how to cast-on, knit, pearl and then cast-off.  Sharon is incredibly patient, when supporting people and that was really comforting for those who had a little more difficulty with the task.  Sharon also knows how to undo the most messed up knitting, so she was a miracle worker at times!  Here we are, having a go at knitting:

     One of our group, Tina, is delivering origami workshops across the county next week and so she brought along some examples and had us making amazing pop-open boxes simply from folded A4 sheets of paper!  Who needs to go and buy plastic boxes ever again, when you can so easily fold a paper or card box in seconds?!  Here’s my effort:

     A few of us are rather engrossed in portraiture.  I’m developing something of a style of line-drawn portraits, along with those I paint.  Here is an example of a portrait I made of Helen, which looks very simple and yet I’m rather pleased with it:


     Did someone mention buffet?  Well, there was cake a-plenty.  I am resolved now to lose weight but today I did enjoy a delicious cream tea (well, I had coffee with my scone but it was very good).  Someone put the scone together for me and they put the jam on first.  Are you a jam-on-first type of person or are you a cream-on-first scone preparer?  I would actually put the cream on first, myself.  Someone in the group mentioned that the English counties of Devon and Cornwall differ in this way, but we could not recall which county puts jam on first and which puts cream on first.  Do you know?  Please comment below, if you do.  Thanks.

     Are you creative?  Do you have creative friends who enjoy art or crafts?  Why not do what we have done and set up a group page on Facebook, an accompanying chat page on Messenger and share you art and craft activities online?  Then, why not also meet up once a month to be creative as a group, in-person; each person contributing a dish towards a lovely buffet lunch, too?

     If you feel inspired, do please comment below with your own tales of your creative activities.  We would love to learn about your own creative communities.

(C) Dean G. Parsons.  2019.