An Indecent Democracy
An Indecent Democracy

The demonstration of distortion.
The display of the despicable.
The demeanour of desperation.
The dealers of our democracy.

The designers of disenchantment.
The demands of the denigrators.
The destroyers of decent discourse.
The dealers of our democracy.

The defamation of the decent.
The direction of disharmony.
The deceit of the delegation.
The dealers of our democracy.

The disruptors of due diligence.
The definition of devious.
The diatribe of the devout.
The dealers of our democracy.

The disunity of the domain.
The divulgation of the doctrine.
The dishonesty of dividers.
The dealers of our democracy.

The detractors of diversity.
The disinformation of the dire.
The denoters of the dubious.
The dealers of our democracy.

The development of the discord.
The disemination of despair.
The defecation of decorum.
The dealers of our democracy.

We deserve decent democracy.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.



  • Hi Dean: great article, very powerful and eye (ear?) catching. Troublesome times for western democracies and amazing how fast things can deteriorate. Actually it’s been coming fi a while but I (we? Did not pay attention. Casey Huisman Ontario Canada

    • Hello Casey, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m pleased that my poem had meaning for you. These are indeed troublesome times. I’m a great optimist in humanity but I am sad and disappointed in the lack of kindness, decency and maturity in people who, certainly in line with their roles, might be expected to have gained these traits along with having mastered at least some skill in diplomacy.

      I love that people care so much, but why not seek to win hearts and minds rather than simply ‘bash’ those with differing views and treat them as enemies?

      Let us hope the next generation learns to be better, kinder adults.

      Best wishes.

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