Time Friends


Twelve year old best friends, Emma and Preeti, are on holiday with Emma’s mum in a pretty cottage in a countryside village. Life in this quiet and pretty village is so different from hectic London and the two girls are soon enjoying summer days and ice cream away from city life.

During a day when they help local villagers with the annual insect count, the two friends make a surprise discovery that sees them thrown into a life changing adventure involving a mysterious young girl and a golden bracelet.

With themes of history and of diversity, adult readers will find that this book also fits in with debate about diversity being under-represented in children’s books.

This is a short story, of the sci-fi genre, for children of age approximately 10 – 14 years, written by Dean G. Parsons.


This book will form Part 1 of what will go on to be a series of e-books following these characters on their adventures.

This e-book is available at Amazon UK and in 240 worldwide territories.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.