Basket Case
Basket Case

      I had bought a picnic hamper for my new Bongo.  I am truly loving my Bongo.  On lazy, hazy days out it’ll be ideal to have a picnic hamper filled with sandwiches, cakes and lots of delicious things to enjoy.  The hamper basket is in very good condition but, internally, the material was stained by a little rust from the support chain.

     I decided that, having washed the hamper, the best thing to do would be to try to restore it somehow.  That didn’t prove easy, as the material backing is attached to a template which is, itself, woven into the basket weave. This meant a major dismantle without having a clue about whether I would be able to reassemble the hamper properly.  As that was too risky, I decided to send for some material patches that I could cover the staining with.

     I received my material patches, which I’d ordered from Amazon yesterday, and set about ironing them into place.  They have a glue back, which requires the heat of an iron to activate the glue and make it sticky.  I highly recommend them, for it really makes quick and simple work out of a task. Cutting round the fittings on this part of the basket proved tricky and, given that I have difficulty cutting due to my Parkinson’s symptoms, I decided that it did not need to be exact.  Frankly, why be too neat?    After all, not only is it just a picnic basket for laid back occasions, but the patches in no way come close to matching the existing material.  They are combat patches!

     I did manage to cut a few to an appropriate shape and size and I managed to slip parts of the patches underneath some of the leather strapping, which made it neater.  Within around twenty minutes, all of the rust staining had disappeared and the picnic hamper presented as clean once more, if a little unusual in the mix of chequered cloth and combat patches! I happen to like to mix things up a bit, so please don’t distress yourself over aesthetics on my account! I wholly recommend that you simply choose a design that you like.

     I’m happy with the end result and all that remains now is to replace the plastic items that came with the hamper, with something smarter and of better quality.  If you decide to upgrade something that was plastic, please do remember to recycle the plastic you are discarding.  The hamper fits very nicely beneath the seat/pull down bed. Having taken the plates, bowls mugs and beakers out of the cupboard beneath the sink and cooker,  to store in the hamper, I have now freed up a double cupboard which can be used for food and drink storage, where there appeared to be no space beforehand.

     (C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

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