My next appointment with my neurologist, is towards the end of this month.  This is where I meet for what is a review, roughly every six months, to explore how Parkinson’s is being experienced by me and to assess the progress of the disease.  My medication is reviewed and I have the opportunity to ask questions; of which I usually have accrued a list of several.  I have been fortunate to have been treated by a wonderful neurologist by the name of Tim Lockington who, in fact, diagnosed me in 2017.

    Although based out of Ipswich Hospital, here in Suffolk, I have been able to see Dr. Lockington at nearby Aldeburgh Community Hospital. I recently learnt that Dr. Lockington has retired.  I will be meeting a new neurologist and this is rather daunting.  First of all, I cannot express strongly enough how professional and skilled Dr. Lockington was.  He was a delight to speak with and his knowledge about Parkinson’s Disease was vast.  I have learnt so much from him, not only of the disease but also about how the medication that I have been prescribed works and, quite frankly some harsh truths about Parkinson’s that so many patients around the world seem to be denied.  I feel so well equipped to face my future, as a result of Dr. Lockington’s incredible care.

    Tim Lockington is married to Inga Lockington, a Liberal Democrat Councillor for St. Margaret’s and Westgate, here in Suffolk.  Inga Lockington was voted Mayor of Ipswich in 2007 and she has served her local community for many years.


The people of Suffolk were shocked when the Danish born former Mayor, who was granted indefinite leave to remain when she and Tim married in 1979, was denied UK citizenship following the Brexit vote in 2016.  This, despite her long and dedicated service to our country.  After battling for her right to citizenship, this dedicated member of our society was finally issued with an apology from the Home Office in 2018 and granted citizenship.

inga lockington

This shocking story is an example facing many people living in the UK who have dedicated themselves to our society and who, since Brexit, have faced the destabilising, offensive and hurtful ordeal of losing their place in our society.  What more shining examples of society could couple Tim Lockington, neurologist, and Inga Lockington, Lib-Dem Councillor and former Mayor of Ipswich be?

    I have been sent a letter inviting me to meet with my new neurologist for my next review, later this month, but now it seems that I will have to find a way to get to Ipswich Hospital; around twenty-five miles from my village.  This now makes getting to my neurology reviews rather difficult for I will have to either pay for a taxi or ask someone to drive me there.  These are the issues that affect many people who live in rural areas.

    Have you experienced a change to your neurologist or medical team members?  How did you feel, and cope, with seeing someone new for the first time, after having been comfortable with and trusting of your former neurologist?

   Have you been affected by your legal status to remain in the UK coming under question, following the Brexit vote in 2016?

    You can read more about my treatment for Parkinson’s, under the superb care of Dr. Tim Lockington, in my book ‘A Look Inside’ by Dean G. Parsons, available at Amazon in 240 territories.


I must close this article by saying thank you to Tim Lockington. I am truly grateful.


(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019





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  1. Don’t you have volunteer drivers in your area? I have used them a couple of times in my area. There is a mileage charge, but much less than a taxi, and much more convenient.

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