Alongside having created an art and crafts studio area indoors (see my article entitled ‘Multi-Purpose Room), I am in the process of creating an art and crafts studio in one of our garages.  This is a great space with electricity and great windows plus a garden area alongside.  I aim to create a restful seating area but predominantly the space will be more of a conservation garden; planting with the intent of supporting local wildlife.

    Just this weekend, I salvaged some old paving slabs that we’ve held onto for a few years and I simply laid them on top of the slightly uneven ground, leaving a space for a planting bed, too.  There will be no urgent need to cement the slabs in place but that may become necessary over time.  For now, they are already serving well as a path from the driveway to the rear side-entrace of the studio.  Here, I will initially place a garden bench, for comfort breaks or even a spot of outdoor sketching.

    Until recently, the garages were open-plan; one large space, flat roof and no doors.  Over the past two years a pitch roof has been added, with excellent amounts of attic storage space and a dividing wall installed; creating the two rooms one of which is my studio.

    Increased electricity points have been installed and lighting added to and improved.  Then, importantly, double doors have been fitted, securing the premises.

    I have invited an artist friend to join me in my studio and make shared use of the space.  Between us, we have been slowly filling the space with some of the infrastructure items that we will want or need in there and we have started to discuss the layout that will work for us.

    There’ll be times when I’ll have house guests staying; family and friends, and so there’ll be space enough for three or four of us to be in the studio having a dabble at something arty at any one time.    This will be fun and means that we can bounce creative ideas off each other.  It will really only be suitable for use in the warmer seasons, but we may get a calor-gas heater installed to help keep the winter at bay.

    The purpose of this room will be to make use of it for the larger projects and the messier projects that I either will not be able to do in my studio space in the cottage, or that I would not want to do in there because of the risk of mess or damage.  It’s a good space for my friend to keep some of her bulkier equipment.  We are also part of a small art group and so it may be that one of the monthly meetings of the group will be able to take place here, in the warmer seasons.  We aim to alternate venue between each of our houses.

    An urgent next step will be to remove the big concrete coal bunker that I’ve had in there for a few years.  That will free up some valuable space for us to put work surfaces or storage.

    I’ll take photos and I will update on the progress in the development of this space, over coming weeks and months.  It’s truly exciting to imagine the finished studio, ready for us to start making art and crafts in.  It really is going to be a superb space and a great deal of fun.

    Do you have a home studio?  What was it like to create this space for yourself?  How do you feel now that you have it up and running?  What have you learnt?  Is having a home studio an ambition of yours?  What ideas do you have?  Do feel free to share your own experiences in the comments, below.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

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