I’ve never painted a portrait before. I have been watching artists on tv, so hopefully I’ve learnt a few tips!  I have started to work on a portrait of Barak Obama.  It’s my representation of a photo from a book cover. It is not finished yet. That may take a couple more days.  I have a condition called prosopagnosia, so portraits can be tricky. It’s been a long time since I attempted one.

This first day of painting has been thoroughly enjoyable but also frustrating, as I have so much to learn!  I’ll post more progress on this piece, including the final completion, within this page.

    So, do come back for updates.  Meanwhile, have you tried painting a portrait?  For me, I chose this image to paint for the complexity of it; black clothes against a black background, skin tone affected by shade and light and the body at a challenging position.

    My progress so far:

    Here it is….the completed piece. My first ever portrait!  It’s not quite how I want it, but I’ll over-work it if I do more.  Whatever anyone thinks, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this.

    On a technical note, I did not sketch, grid, use technology or anything other than simply painting with brush and acrylic and a little black felt tip pen.  So, my question is….is it enough like Obama that you would think this it is of him or is it just a random person?

(c) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

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