I have long wanted to make a space, at home, for art and crafting.  It is nice to reflect over achievements and this morning I am enjoying having progressed one of my goals.  We are fortunate to have large sized bedrooms and our guestroom is where I have my writing desk.

    While I am still developing the ‘writing den’ aspect of the room, I have now achieved my long awaited goal of creating a space for dabbling with art and crafts.

    I managed to pull together some of our older furniture, from various places around our cottage.  These were a couple of bookshelves (old ‘Billy’ bookshelves from Ikea – still the best bookshelves you can buy, I would say.  I’ve never had one of these shelves ever bend under the weight of heavy books, yet!), a table and a chair.

    I have been able to put books on art, crafts and some relating to writing, on the shelves.  I have also put on there my art materials, art and craft tools and packaging for anything I may make and want to try to gift or sell.  My little studio area is now established.  The table is now in place, with the chair, and I will be able to sit and make my art and craft projects over many enjoyable hours.  I cannot wait to start spending time being more creative.

    I recently bought an old art easel.  It was about £45.00 and is just the right size for the room.  One of my aims is to learn to paint with oils and acrylics and so having this easel will be ideal for when painting onto canvas.

    I am thinking of making things that may sell at a Christmas Fayre.  There are a few months between now and Christmas, so that gives me time to try to produce some nice things that may, perhaps, include items that will make fun gifts through to unique cards and packaging.

    As a person with Parkinson’s, my only difficulty will be whether I can stand at an art easel for long enough before pain or instability develop?  I will have to manage that by painting in short stints.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Do you enjoy art and / or crafting?  Are you a writer?  Do you dabble in all of these?  Have you created a writing den, a crafting room or an art studio at home or, like me, space for these activities in part of a room?  Do share your experiences below, if you would like to.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

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