In the art group I am part of, with a group of friends, we recently met and hand decorated some wooden bunting cut-outs.  If you would like to try this, then these are the items you will need for three bunting flags:

  • Bunting flag plywood cut outs. (You can alternatively use canvas).
  • String.
  • Adhesive.
  • Photograph of pictures that you like; one per bunting flag.
  • A small bowl.
  • Water.
  • A cloth.
  • A brush for glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Sheets of newspaper to protect your work surface.

The bunting, cut from ply wood, can be purchased easily online.  This is what they look like:

Step 1:

You will need to get a photographic image that you like and take it to a local stationers to be laser printed into copies.  Just ask your printer to place several image copies onto one large sheet of paper.

Step 2:

You will need some adhesive.  This is what we used:

Step 3:

On one of your photos, draw round the bunting flag you are using and cut it out.

Step 4:

Using your brush, apply the adhesive thickly to one side of the wooden bunting flag.

Step 5:

Pick up your flag shaped picture cut out.  Lay it face down, gently smoothing out air bubbles as you lay it gently across the wooden piece.

Step 6:

Repeat with any other bunting flag cut-outs you wish to use.

Step 7:

Once done, leave the flag cut outs with their paper stuck on face down, to dry.

Step 8:

Once the flag cut outs are dry, fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and dab it with your cloth.

Step 9:

Gently, and in a circular motion, rub the cloth against the paper backing of the glued on paper.  Gentle. yet firm, circular motions.  Press gently and then harder until you find the backing paper comes away from the flag piece.      Repeat until the backing has been rubbed away, revealing your photo image beneath it.   Scrape off any excess backing paper.

For me, this was the most difficult step.  I have Parkinson’s and so I have limited strength and dexterity in my hands.  This caused me some degree of pain.  So, if you have a disability then do please approach this step gently and with care.  Take a rest if you need to.

Step 10.

Wipe your bunting clear of any tiny paper particles that stick on, gently.  Don’t worry if there are any small tears or gaps; it adds to an aged look and more character, I believe.

Step 11:

Thread your string through the bunting flags.

Step 12:

Display your beautiful, unique hand made bunting with pride and, best of all, pack it away and bring it out again and again.  Enjoy your bunting for years.

If you go ahead and make this, do come back and leave a comment about how it went.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2019.

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