I’m just about to sit and write my piece for this week’s radio show but, as I’m also thinking about how I re-applied for my Disabled Parking Blue Badge, earlier today, I decided to share my thoughts with you.  I find these type of tasks a bit of a pain.  I appreciate the service, of course, but having to reapply seems rather a pointless exercise.    Why does everything have to be gone through again and again every two or three years? Frankly, the information that I have to collate and scan and then e-mail to the local authority is the same as what they already have on file.

To me, it seems crazy that, for a disability which has no cure and is degenerative and so can only get worse, the bureaucracy of having to go through these processes is just wasteful.  I suspect that the point of the exercise is to claim a further application fee from me.  If that is so, it would be far simpler to set that up as a regular annual payment than have to keep form filling, scanning and e-mailing.  Save that for the illnesses which can improve and resolve, surely?

I would like to call (again) for an end to reassessment, re-evaluation, re-application and re-pretty-much-anything, when you are dealing with a chronic illness that cannot be cured and which can only get worse.  All that the re-application processes serves to achieve is to cause the disabled person added stress and pressure and a lot of wasted time effort and energy.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that the re-assessment of the needs of a disabled person is wrong, but that it should be targeted to those with the types of illnesses or conditions that may get better.  Leave the people whose illness can, and in fact will, only get worse, alone to live as stress and hassle free as possible.


Rant over (which in England means that I’ve expressed an opinion, rather than being more reserved as I was taught to be and now I feel apologetic about having done so.  It is not considered terribly polite to express a strong opinion). So, not a rant, as the rest of the world might understand one.

Do you have a chronic or degenerative illness?  What are your thoughts on this matter?


(C) Dean G. Parsons.  2019.

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