How to Plan to Write Right?
How to Plan to Write Right?

    I have come to sit at my desk, to write, and I find myself facing what so many writers have described on their own social media and blog sites; an overwhelming sense of wanting to do everything all at once!  I have so many projects in mind and then there is social media to update!  How does one get it all done?

   In addition to this online magazine, there are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ello and even Linked-In to update.  I think it is time for me to create a more structured writing plan.  That may sound onerous but actually I rather relish the idea.  That will sound sad to anyone who is not a writer, I’m sure.

    If you are a writer, you will no doubt have experienced this sense of urgent desire to crack on with writing the many ideas in your head. What is best to do, when faced with endless creative ideas?  Is it better to write them down and gradually plough through them one by one, from a list?  Is it better to get them all started and progress a little of each of them on a regular basis?  What about simply pulling the title, of one, out of a hat and getting on with that until it is completed?  Well, perhaps the latter is not the best idea, but you get my drift?

    One useful piece of progress is that I have downloaded ‘Scrivener’ onto my computer and I am using that to map out a major piece of work.  It appears to be very helpful, so far.  I’m excited about this.  Well, to be honest, I am excited about all of the writing ideas I have and I can see the potential for them to be engrossing to write.  The difficulty is that one idea soon leads to another and then, before long, a very large ‘to-do’ writing list is created!

Then, there are writing competitions.  Authors, publishers and writing magazines all encourage that writers should enter competitions.  There are many of them and, with thanks to the internet, we may access the many competitions that are open to global participation.  With any competition, I would just urge writers to check the small-print, for most competitions require that you give up your rights to your written submission.  You may be giving them the next Harry Potter and signing your rights away, so do be careful.  This is not always the case, but it is worth double-checking.

    The solution to my writing projects dilemma is likely going to have to be a large wall-hanging planner with the type of planning that one would expect from a 1980’s Project Manager!  I’m sure there are online versions of such planners, but I guess that I’m old fashioned!  I’ll be happy with cork tiles, paper, drawing pins, string and post-it notes!  There’s something about being able to touch a plan and see it as something bigger than a computer screen.  There’s something about seeing my own, Parkinson’s affected, scrawl on notes.  Well, I’ll give it a try.

    If you are a writer and you identify with anything I’ve written here, please do comment below.

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