I recall the loathing and fear
That first day of school at age four.
I just needed mum and dad near
In tantrum I lashed out and roared.

My head teacher dragged me inside
That bright room of faces all new.
In distress my eyes glared so wide
I pondered on what I should do.

The children all looked so surprised
And I could just not comprehend
That I was not being chastised
Instead, I was offered a friend.

“Sit here and you will be alright.”
Said the teacher straight unto me.
So mustering all of my might
I sat by my best-friend-to-be.

Insep’rable friends we became
From that moment I sat with him.
He told me Ajoy was his name
And there was his wide cheeky grin.

He told me that I’d be alright
That school really was quite good fun.
He saw my distress as my plight
Like he knew what was to be done.

His traditions influenced me
His family’s ways became mine.
What I learnt taught me how to be
Of kindness and fairness combined.

(C) Dean G. Parsons.  2019.


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