“Only those who attempt the absurd, can achieve the impossible.” – Albert Einstein.

    Today, I received something very pleasing, through the post. It was a certificate. I now have a Diploma in Creative Writing!  I am delighted.

    My joy comes not just from achieving something that was always on my bucket-list and which opens up a whole new pathway for me in life,  but it also comes from knowing that my decision to take this course was a direct response to having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  It was my way of opening a new door in the face of a disease that closes many.

    My career as a psychotherapist will inevitably have to come to an end, not immediately but at some point in the medium-term future.  Largely, my disability through Parkinson’s is not visible.  You would not know that I have Parkinson’s, just by seeing me.

    One thing that I know well, about myself, is that I see adversity as a challenge.  It is not something to yield to.  It is something to do well and to do on my terms.

    Michael J. Fox, who happens to be an absolute hero to me and to people with Parkinson’s the world over, said:

“I have Parkinson’s.  Parkinson’s does not have me.”

    That simple and beautiful expression represents the true nature of the determination not to be defeated, but to thrive.  While I can no longer say ‘Onwards and Upwards’, for sadly Parkinson’s only gets worse, I will certainly say ‘Onwards…’ and reclaim some aspects of my life, on my terms.  That means that while one part of my career will eventually come to a close, I now have the skills and the qualification in another area and I will be able to use these to open new doors and to create new opportunities.

    You can reclaim some aspects of your life, on your own terms, too.

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Dean Parsons

Thank you for reading my free online magazine; the theme of which is about creativity and well-being. I am a writer, living in Suffolk. I am also a retired psychotherapist and I have Parkinson's Disease. I hope you find my site interesting. Do look out for my Author Page at Amazon and come and say hello at my other social media sites. Best wishes, Dean.

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  1. Jackie Unitt says:

    My school motto was Upwards and Onwards. Pretty apt? Though at the moment I feel like Icarus,

    • Dean Parsons says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Jackie. Perhaps you need a pair of wings, just like Icarus? Be mindful not to ignore the instructions that come with said wings, as he did!

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