Words in Cryogenic Suspension

“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.” – Saul Bellow.

    From midnight to 3am, while my village falls silent and stars twinkle against the vast blackness of the sky, most people around me travel to the ‘Land of Nod’.  That is where they experience adventurous dreams.  While creatures of the day snuggle down, for rest, Mother Nature sends forth life that lives by the light of the moon.  I sit at my desk in quiet contemplation and creativity, as I am now.

    Like a cryogenic suspension chamber opening to reveal precious contents, each  protected in icy mist.  Words and ideas that have been held in suspended animation, while I go about the day-to-dayness of life, begin to defrost.  This is the great nightly thaw.  Gleaming, vibrant, energised and imbued with expression, observation and experience.  Word-smithery invigorated by the coming of the midnight hour.  The time when creativity, imagination, ideas and words can be brought together to create something organic; revealing yet more of the human condition.

    “Creativity is the greatest evidence of the nature of the human condition.” – Dean G. Parsons.

    The human condition, in all of its beauty and horror.  Light and dark.  It is there to be found in all human creativity.  It would seem that I am often to be found at my desk in the middle of the night.  That is my own experience of the human condition.  I wonder?  Are all writers sitting up in the small hours contemplating life, the universe and everything?  Think of all of the words being committed to screen and paper across these ancient, craggy islands this very night!  Which way is it to ‘The Land of Nod’?  Writers need to go there to rest awhile.  I will head there, shortly.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2018.