At the end of each day, before I eventually sleep, I like to reflect over what I achieved that day.  Today, while doing some reflective thinking, I realised something about what I achieved yesterday.  I wonder if you will identify with this?

  • I went to work to meet with my clients.  I didn’t actually leave my house to go to work.  I met my clients online.
  • I made the house beautifully clean.  I didn’t actually do any cleaning, myself.  Our lovely Cleaner did the cleaning for me.
  • I made sure our windows were washed and sparklingly clean.  I didn’t actually clean the windows myself.  Our nice Window Cleaner cleaned the windows for me.
  • I went to the bank to withdraw the money to pay the Window Cleaner.  I didn’t actually leave my house to go to the bank.  I didn’t withdraw real cash.  I actually visited my bank online and transferred funds from my bank account, to the Window Cleaner’s bank account.
  • I wrote a brief article.  I didn’t actually write.  I typed words onto a sheet of paper that isn’t real.  It’s letters on a screen. No pen. No paper.
  • My article was for my magazine .  My magazine isn’t actually a real magazine. It’s a Blog. There is nothing to actually touch.  It’s just an electronic code.
  • I chatted with family and friends a lot, through my day.  I didn’t actually chat with them.  I didn’t see them or hear their voices.  We exchanged words, typed onto a screen.  Electronic code.  We didn’t even use words.  We used abbreviated parts of words or we posted the image of an emoji; an unreal face depicting emotion.
  • I cooked rice.  I didn’t actually cook rice.  I placed rice, in packets, into our microwave and the microwave-driven friction between molecules caused the rice to heat.

    All these things that I achieved, yet, in reality the real experience of doing those things has been once-removed, somehow.  Is this a positive or a negative?

    As a person with Parkinson’s, these methods offer me solutions to disability. I am grateful. Yet, what about people who do not have disabilities?  Do these ‘solutions’ deskill or disable?  What are the positives and negatives for both able bodied and disabled people in society, as how we manage our lives evolves?

    I wanted to share this observation about modern life.  It fascinates me to compare my lifestyle to that of my Grandparents generation, just a few decades ago.  How ‘virtual’ has your own day been?

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2018.

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