A pathway of autumnal glow
When Nature bows her head for rest.
While trees prepare for season’s flow
Like rust upon what summer blessed.
The morning dew drops hang like gems
As chill winds cause crisp leaves to fall.
Such a welcome the pathway lends
To all the people one and all.
Who can resist to kick the piles
Of golden foliage so deep?
The sound of rustling all the while
Nature’s stage sets ready for sleep.
Woodland creatures stockpile their hoard
They watch as walkers tread the path.
In ‘wellies’ people cross the ford
In mud and leaves the children laugh.
The pathway weaves its way through trees
A journey through Nature’s story.
The whirling wind lifts crimson leaves
Nature’s bunting in full glory.
We must protect our woodlands now
For businessmen seek to plunder.
Our Politicians let us down
They just let bulldozers thunder.
Our natural world holds our lives
While along life’s gold path we tread.
At Westminster those that decide
Their profit versus life and death.

© Dean G. Parsons. 2018.

4 Responses

  1. Beautifully tender piece of writing my only constructive criticism is What before businessman That might be more correct but I’m no grammar expert! It’s a lovely poem xx

      • I enjoyed reading it, hope you’re not offended by my comments, I thought afterwards that I may have misread the context of that sentence xx

      • Not at all. I found that the grammar was ok, but if you misread the context, so might others. Your feedback was helpful. I changed ‘what’ to ‘for’ and I now feel happier about it, myself. Thanks so much. Dean x

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