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Avunculus B

He never once objected
All the times I sought his view
When called upon for wisdom
He would know just what to do.

If I reached him by letter
Or by a telephone call
When there was a new problem
He would make my worry small.

From the time I was a boy
When he visited from sea
To the time I was a man
He was always there for me.

Ever with a cause to fight
His pen was a mighty sword
For those who caused injustice
Were defeated by his words.

A life aloof from his loves
A distance he seemed to need
Yet I was ever aware
How his beating heart would bleed.

Today his pride would shine bright
If he looks at us to see
Cousins who grew up apart
Reunited family.

He lived a life big and bold
As a life could ever be
Uncle ‘Professor Yaffle’
To me he will always be.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2017.



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