We so often create our own difficulty, in life.  Do you ever just stop to take stock of life and to consider how much of what you feel is pressuring you, may actually not be the slightest bit necessary?  In stress, you may feel powerless or even helpless.  You may believe that the things causing you stress are beyond your control.  Ask yourself; are they really?

For example, try the following exercise:

  • Write a list of twenty things in your personal life, that cause you stress.
  • Next, take a moment to relax and just take slow, deep breaths.
  • Now, try to identify how many of the things on your list are there or are like that because, ultimately, you brought them into your life or because you have allowed them to become that way.
  • Next, cross out everything else from your list; keeping only the things you identified in the last bullet point.

What do you notice? Are there more items on your list that you kept or that you removed?  Most people find that there is more on this list that they keep, than on the list they remove.

The things in your list that remain are there because you identify them as being your responsibility.

This is good news!

How is this good news?

After all, we don’t want responsibility, do we?

Well, the good news is this; if it is your responsibility, it means that you can do something about it.  It is, ultimately, yours and so you can begin to take control.

How Do I Begin to Take Control?

A simple action plan, for each item on your list, is all that is required.   You don’t have to ‘fix’ everything immediately, but can you a least create one simple step for each item on the list that will help move it a step toward the change that you want to make happen?

Remember, it’s okay to ask people in your life to help you, if you struggle to do this on your own.

Then, with each small step achieved, keep going until you achieve the bigger change, for each item on your list, that you are seeking.

If you give this exercise a try, do please leave a comment to describe how you got on.



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