Inside Outside / Outside Inside

    I created this artwork to symbolise a number of things.  First, I painted a simple landscape; representing ‘outside’.  I cut it into strips; representing the emotional pain of what I have since come to learn is Parkinson’s Disease.

    I placed the landscape ‘inside’ the centre of the piece and then set about the outside markings; themselves representative of inner aspects of myself.  For example, the zodiac signs of myself, my parents and my spouse; representing who I am made of and my love within as well as personality and character.  The blue lines representing nerves that are affected by my disease and the constant twitching that I experience.  The red dots representing my blood; my physical being.  The dots are set in groups of prime numbers; representing mathematics, science and knowledge.  Knowledge and consciousness being integral to the human experience.


    This type of art project was just a private moment in which I contemplated aspects of being me and how I am a part of the world. It gave me an opportunity to consider my illness and the whole process was incredibly therapeutic.

    If you have a chronic health illness or disease, I would recommend you think of ways to describe yourself in the form of an art piece; reflective thinking is restorative.  This was, for me, beneficial, for my usual art form is that of writing.  It felt good to put words to the side and use imagery to express myself.

(C) Dean G. Parsons. 2017.


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