It can be helpful to think of your life in ‘component parts’. For example, you will have an intellectual self, a social self, a creative self, a physical self, an emotional self, a spiritual self, a professional self, to name but a few component parts.

Make Good Use Of Your Component Parts.

The task, once you have identified the key component parts of yourself, is to reflect on each part and consider:

a) How do I live, contribute to and value this part of myself?

b) What goal/s can I set to build, develop or improve upon this part of myself?

Life can be very busy, often with conflicting priorities; demands from work, study, family or friends and it is all too easy to neglect key component parts of yourself while meeting all of the demands of modern life.


Try identifying your component parts and try options a) and b), above. Set simple, achievable goals within a timeframe that works for you.

If you do not achieve a goal, it does not mean you have failed. In fact, it just offers a learning opportunity and perhaps also evidence that a goal may need to be set that will resolve the barrier to achieving your main goal.

A Counsellor or Psychotherapist can help you with this.

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