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Anxiety – From Foe to Friend

In my role as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I meet many people who suffer with anxiety.  The symptoms they experience are usually a combination of the emotional and the physical and the result can be a very disturbing and destabilising sense of anguish. An Unhelpful Context. I find myself disappointed by the way in which society in the Western World

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Soldiering On

Thief. Energy Stealer. Climate Control Redundant. Hinges Burning on Fire. The voice that whispers unheard.  Seemingly, a punch in the senses. The ice statue blights the bold progression. In the depths lies a confusing faulty compass. Lightening shocks and fires the signal of impending assault. The mighty system twitches the rhythm of the faceless mask. The Beast in possession of

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Kangaroo Hops

     The idea of it, filled me with excitement.  “Yes, I’m serious, mate” he added.  “I can Supervise trainees and so this is no different.  I guess I should run it by my Boss, but I know you’ll do just fine.  I trust you and I know you’ll be okay”.  I wondered whether this meant he might get into

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