Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Lucky Socks

They were mine until one rainy day When my friend got wet I gave them away To give this gift required no pluck Yet, for my friend, they have brought good luck It seems the stars have a magical way To bestow good things Chasing bad away Now, when my friend faces challenges new You can be sure to know What

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Managing Addiction

     From 2004 – 2007, I was the Service Manager of a medical and psychotherapy treatment service for those seeking support in overcoming substance abuse addiction; one of the services of Cranstoun group.  The service covered the London Borough of Croydon; one of the most diverse of London’s Boroughs.      The treatment service was classed as a Tier

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Bridging the Divide

    Today, I am saddened by news of yet more prejudice and discrimination in our world.  This reminded me of a former role I had, in my career.  In 2003, I worked in a role that supported Victims of Hate Crime.  My counselling and psychotherapy skills were used to support men and women who had been targeted by abuse

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